Mrs. Morphy


Ernest Morphy was once known as the King of Chess in New Orleans.  His reputation was eventually superseded by his famous nephew, Paul.  But, although Ernest published a chess book and contributed to various international chess periodicals, not a whole lot is written about him.  I had given a brief accounting here.

Few people seen to know that Ernest [Nov. 22, 1807 - Mar. 7, 1876], who moved from New Orleans in the 1850's, had a wife and two children.  His wife was also from New Orleans and about 20 years younger than Ernest. She died in 1904. Here is her obituary:

Quincy Daily Journal
Oct. 31, 1904

Death of Mrs. Morphy
Yesterday Afternoon at St. Mary's Hospital
A Sweet and Lovely Woman

     Mrs. L. F. Morphy, widow of the late Ernest Morphy, who died thirty years ago, passed away yesterday afternoon at 2:15 o'clock, at St. Mary's hospital, after about a week's illness of heart trouble.
     Mrs. Morphy was an old resident of the city, and was well known and highly esteemed by all her many friends.  She was a dear and sweet, lovable old lady, and had led an unselfish and beautiful life, thinking always of the comfort and happiness of others, rather than of herself, and taking sunshine into many a heart bowed in gloom. 
     She was a consistent Catholic, having been a member of St. Peter's church for the past 47 years, and had lived at the hospital for some years.  Her good influence, and her noble example will live for many years, and her memory will be cherished always by those who knew and loved Mrs. Morphy, whose death has brought deep sorrow to many hearts.
     She was born in New Orleans, La., and was 76 years old on the 4 of this month.  One son, Ernest Morphy, survives her.  The late Mrs. Wm. Steinwedell was a daughter of the deceased.
     The funeral will take place Thursday morning at St. Peter's Catholic church at 9 o'clock.  The relatives request no flowers be sent or used at the funeral.