The Morals of Chess

Oct 22, 2009, 8:43 PM |
No, this posting is not about Ben Franklin's famous essay on the values of chess, but rather about a recent minor confrontation I had with fellow member, shannz, who took exception to the idea that I published 19th century public domain articles, fully cited and documented.

Initially, and publicly, he called my postings plagiarism : "Maybe one-day you will come up with something original,and thought provoking on your own,Until then just keep plagiarizing!!!"  

He continued with: "I just think that for someone with such an interest in the history of chess,you might be able to construct your own hypothisis.rather than cutting and pasting from well-known resources..thanxs anyway"

When I took him to task about the definition of plagiarism (a despicable act I have never done and never would consider doing), his response was : "lol.even though you used the correct citation.copying well documented works for self gain is just as bad isnt it??.anyone can cut and paste.I guess all im trying to say is the world needs more original people,not sheep."

[see my notes and his notes for the actual and entire exchange]

I have nothing against shannz and as far as I'm concerned he has the right to his opinion of me (and of what little bit of my efforts he has bothered to examine), as well as his right to voice that opinion, but I don't care for being libeled in the process.

I'll leave it to each individual reader whether what I publish has any merit or is simply some nefarious means of some unspecified self-gain.