Three from the Sixth


The Sixth American Chess Congress, America's first international tournament, was held in New York from March 15 to May 17, 1889. 


There were 20 players: 

Miksa (Max) Weiss, Mikhail Tchigorin, Isidor Gunsberg, Joseph Henry Blackburne, Amos Burn, Samuel (Soloman?) Lipschütz,  James Mason, Max Judd, Eugene Delmar, Jackson Whipps Showalter, William Henry Kraus Pollock, Henry Edward Bird, Jean Taubenhaus, David Graham Baird, Constant Ferdinand Burille, Major James Moore Hanham, George Hatfield Gossip, Dion M. Martinez, John Washington Baird and Nicholas MacLeod.

Each contestant played two games, 38 total, (19 as white and 19 as black) against the others (except, while in the first half, draws counted for ½ pt.,  in the second half draws were replayed, increasing exponentially the number of games actually played and making this tournament of the longest in history).

Here are three games from that tournament.

The first two won brilliancy prizes and the third, many people believe should have won a brilliancy prize.  Notice that all three games were won by Black.


Game #1:

 A Giuoco Pianissimo contested between James Mason vs  Isodor Gunsberg on March 30th, 1889. 
For winning this game Mr. Gunsberg was awarded the special prize of $50 donated by Messrs. Frank Rudd and Fred Wehle for the best game in the tournament.























Game #2:

A Ruy Lopez contested between Max Weiss and W.H.K. Pollock on May 11, 1889.

 For winning this game Mr. Pollock was awarded the special prize of $50 donated by Professor Isaac L. Rice for the most brilliant game in the second round.























Game #3:

This Scotch Game was contested on March 29, 1889 between the Kentucky Lion Jackson Showalter, and George Hatfield Gossip who was possibly the most disliked player of his day. According to Hooper and Whyld, Gossip "had an unusual talent for making enemies....disliked in England, he travelled to Australia, the United States and Canada where he also became unpopular." After this game he was undoubtedly unpopular with Showalter.