Two Minor Champs - One Major Game


     I been posting a lot about chess in Germany during WWII in the newly formed Chess History Group.  In the course of this, I've been trying to update my research in that area.  Today I was seeking out information on Wolfgang Unzicker and came across a statement by him that he had personally observered the famous win by  Kurt Richter over  Gheorghe Alexandrescu in Munich in 1936 in which Richter temporarily sacrificed a Rook, then a Bishop to secure mate. 
     I felt a little ignorant since I wasn't at all familiar with this famous game. So I located it at  only to fnd that there was no kibitzing on that particular page - meaning I wasn't alone in my ignorance!

          Gheorghe Gica Alexandrescu was the joint Romanian Champion of 1951.
          Kurt Richter was the German Champion of 1935.

     So, you won't be ignorant either, here is the famous game: