Women and Chess


 In honor of the newly created All Women's Tournament I wanted to demonstrate my support by posting something appropriate to the occasion.


Dress for Chess


I've decided, since I've written a good bit about women in chess over these many years, I would simply provide links to some of these archived articles for those interested in actually learning something about the history and the role of women in vast terrain of Chess.


        Girl Chess - How it Was (1999)

        You Play Like an Old Lady (2004)

        The Indominatable Ellen Gilbert (2004)

        Lisa Lane (2004)

        U.S. Women's Chess Champions (2005)

        The Mysterious Diane Savereide (2004)

        Diane Savereide - revisited (2007)

        Savereide and Cardoso (2007)

        My Daughter's First Game (2004)

        Land of 1000 Dances (2004)

        The Schuhplatter Dance (2004)

        Edith Helen Winter-Wood Baird (2004)

        Sofonisba Anguissola (2005)

        Léona Queyrouze (2005)

        Chess Bitch (2005)

        Patricia Anne Sunnucks (2006)

        Thelcide's Érard (2006)

        Love, Romance & Sex in Chess (2006)

        Mysterious Female (2007)

        The First 17 years of Organized Women's Chess in America (2007)

        Women Can Play Chess! (2008)

        Why Women Can't Play Chess (2008)