About BecomeFM

About BecomeFM

Mar 13, 2016, 3:20 AM |

What is becomeFM all about?

Well, the title says it all. The goal is to become chess FIDE Master, and that will require some hard work. Since I have a daytime job, it is difficult to find time to improve, but the goal is to achieve the title as soon as possible.



Who are you, and what is your current rating?

My name is Bob Bishoen. I currently live in The Netherlands, and I have played chess on and off my entire life. Currently I have a FIDE rating of 1940.
Obviously, this is still miles away from the FM title (2300). To get there at all I have to train hard, especially since I have witnessed firsthand (with mostly negative results) how strong players between 2100-2300 are.



Do you really think you can make it?

Let’s just say I will be focusing on the game in a more effective way than I have done before. With efficient work and proper chess training I reckon that 2300 is a possibility. Meanwhile I’ll aim for a better understanding of the game and having fun playing a lot of chess games against strong opponents!



What can I expect @becomeFM?

I will frequently analyse my games here on the Blogpage. I will also take a look at the three phases of the game, and try to analyse patterns that occur in my games to further improve. Last but not least I will occasionally write about chess books. Hopefully this initiative will help me to stop reading chess stories (which are fun!) and actually practice the games!