"WALL" of Fame: Traps of GM Bill Wall

Jul 12, 2007, 11:56 PM |

(born May-11-1951) United States of America

Bill Wall was born in Raymond, Washington in 1951. He learned chess around age 13 and took chess seriously when he joined the Tacoma Chess Club in 1969. He is a past Secretary-Treasurer (1976-1978) and President (1978-1980) of the North Carolina Chess Association and past President (1980-1981) and Secretary-Treasurer (1981-1983) of the Ohio Chess Association. He is a past president of the Dayton Chess Club (1982-1985) in Ohio and the Palo Alto Chess Club (1986-1991) in California. He is the author of 29 chess books, including the 500 Chess Miniature series, Larsen's Opening, The Grob, The Orangutan, etc. He is a contributor to Chessgames.com. He is a retired Air Force officer (1970-1995) now working at Harris Corporation in Florida as a systems engineer.


To all members of Chess.com,  we are so LUCKY! that Master Bill Wall is here in Chess.com. I'll present the notable games and how fast he crushed his opponent. Learn how he setup traps. 

































I put these into chess.com collection; Wall of Fame.