Yui Is Love #10

Yui Is Love #10

Apr 17, 2016, 1:30 PM |

Celebrating the 10th Yuiblog today! Here's to many more!

Guys, guys, it's Sunday, woo! Did you know Sunday is also Yui day? Because Yui radiates as much warmth as the sun, of course! Also, because every day if Yui day, obviously! To celebrate today, Yui will share some of her energetic warmth with us, but before we get into that, an important announcement (https://twitter.com/ChessTopNews/status/721687916066418688)


Look, Yuibros, Yui has officially become chess famous and chess relevant! And here, I've had people tell me Yui was off-topic on a chess website, bah! They should really know better! I know I said chess posting had come to an end already in this blog, but this is also an important statement, so the digression is worth it. Finally, Yui is welcomed among the greats of chess. You hear that Magnus Carlsen? Show some respect to Yui. You may have a modeling career past, but you never even got close to matching Yui's cute. So go back to playing your chess, you scrub!


Enough of that, bring the cute Yui on! In addition to it being Sunday, we're also seeing more and more signs of spring! A time of energy and happiness (and the advent of the rain season in Sweden, yaaayy…). Obviously, the perfect season for our lively Yui. But first, Yui has a message for us before we get started!



Aww, isn't that too lovely! Yui is welcoming us to go along with her so she can show us her sweetness first-hand! She's such a saint for sharing her happiness to make our lives better, so freely. Isn't she just too lovely?



And yet, even a happiness machine like Yui needs to take a moment just to rest every once in a while, and just bask in the lovely sunlight. A time to forget all worries and just enjoy the moment... And wish yourself away so you're sitting there on that porch, close-so close to Yui, not only enjoying the warmth of the sun, but also Yui's rejuvenating warmth… OH, I GOT CARRIED AWAY WITH MY OWN THOUGHTS, SORRY! MOVING ON!!



Once again, Yui shows her generosity to us. Apart from being generous by being such lovely eye-candy, she's also got plenty of sunflowers to share around with the rest of us! You knew that the sunflower represents energy, right? Either way, Yui sure did! She's so smart! Or maybe she just thought they looked cute… That would be quite like her actually! By that I mean it's quite like her to look cute!



As for why I'm so generous to share Yui's sunflowers around, and not grabbing them all for myself, the answer is simple! I have the biggest sunflower of all! Yui is my beautiful rose, and she's also my sun!

… W-what? Don't look at me like that! As awful a pun it is, it's the truth!


Hopefully our shining star Yui could brighten your Sunday, Yuibros!


Last blog (https://www.chess.com/blog/bestpony/yui-is-love-9) we discussed baking and sweets and I asked what you guys would bake for Yui to impress her, and I got some lovely comments! Thanks guys! Cookies in plenty for our sugar hungry Yui, and a lovely cupcake, held by an even more lovely Yui!



Thanks, fellas! All feedback helps make the Yuiblog the best it can be, so keep it up! Until next blog, please tell me in the comments below or on Twitter how you would like to spend a lovely sunny spring day with your most beloved one, if no boundaries existed!

Daily reminder that Yui is love.