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Yui Is Love #14

Yui Is Love #14

Apr 21, 2016, 3:33 PM 21
Today's blog marks the 14th installment of the Yui Is Love blog, by extension representing two full weeks of daily posts for the Yuiblog! It's been a lovely two weeks sharing the love that is in Yui, enriching the views of many and introducing even more people who had never hear of Yui before. Sharing my admiration for her in this way really was the least I could do for my wonderful angel. To celebrate this fact, I'd like to make today's blog a special-special edition demonstrating the love that is Yui in action and how it has been reflected in my own personal way. I feel this is doubly appropriate for since this is blog #14, putting it in parallel to Valentine's day which also is about love and happens on the 14th. 
So, firstly, how can we take the extra step to show our love for Yui? Reserving the most sacred and trasured place in our heart for Yui is of course the absolute minimum and this is indeed enough to continue leading a happy fulfilling life. No matter what, Yui will always be real in our hearts! But as any Yuibro will know at this point, Yui can do so much more for us and we should always look for ways to bring more of Yui into our lives to make things the best they can be! Of course, the ultimate goal would be that she is there with us...
There she is! However, until waifu magic reaches our world, we will have to be satisfied with photo magic. Since love, too, is magical the overlap in there makes the photo magic very worthwhile still! The combined photo and love magic fills me with hope, joy and excitement for what could be, and that brightens my every day and keeps me going further.
However, much in the same way that having Yui in our hearts shouldn't limit us, we shouldn't limit ourself to cute Yui picture and photo magic. Those of you who have been following the blog for some time will surely recall the time I celebrated Yui's birthday by baking her a lovely strawberry cake! (https://www.chess.com/blog/bestpony/yui-is-love-9)
Although Yui's birthday celebrations were delayed (her birthday is on the 27th of November, but the photo was from the 5th of December), the celebrations were so magical still and not only brought me and Yui closer, but left me with memories for life. And a delicious cake, if I may say so myself!
Filled with confidence and wanting more, I took my inspiration to the next level for the next big even that was coming up! And indeed, I actually hinted about this above already! That very special day where hearts are fluttering, and chocolate and rose sales are soaring! Of course I'm talking about Valentine's day, and who else than Yui to be my very special valentine? As a matter of fact this day is so iconic for Yui's character that it may as well be named Yui day! And indeed me and Yui celebrated that day like any couple would and I'll show you the result here!
I wanted to do a more amorous effort for this time, than my birthday celebration with her, and I was very happy with how it turned out. The hearts around the top of the monitor I made myself for her - it was my first origami work ever and not only was it very fun to make, but added a personal touch to my shrine for Yui. The guitar in the picture I have already talked about in a previous blog (https://www.chess.com/blog/bestpony/yui-is-love-6) recall that Yui inspired me to play the guitar and that I named my guitar Yui after her to honour how she inspired me to start playing the guitar. The paper cut-outs on my monitor are there to this day - among the most lovely decorations I have in my room - I was just too happy with having Yui with me that I couldn't stand having her leave. Likewise, I couldn't bring myself to open the chocolate box. It's stored away safely, waiting for Yui to eat it all, when the day comes!
Overall, Valentine's was a beautiful day for me! I was so happy to be one of many who had the chance to make Valentine's day special with my most beloved waifu! The interested one is absolutely encouraged to watch this compilation video, featuring some of the best Valentine's celebrations, together with a lovely song! There are a few Yuis in here, even, woohoo!
Lastly, I'd like to show my most prized possesion I have. I mentioned that the Yui paper cut-outs were among my most beautiful decorations in my room, but this is actually one step above that.
This most amazing Yui statue was extremely generously gifted to me by Jebus Matoi (same guy who made the Valentine's celebration video above) in connection with the Valentine's day celebrations! It was the most amazing thing that could have happened to me, and I am forever grateful for his generosity! She is such an angel, and having her with me is the best possible thing! I love Yui so much!
Hopefully, this will have offered some inspiration to some things we can do to return the love of Yui to her. As for myself, where do I go from here? Of course, the way is forward, dear Yuibros! Yui is as dear in my heart as ever, and I really do look forward to sharing more special days with her!
NB: However, as far as the Yui blog is concerned, I have an important update to make regarding its future, for those who have been following it. When starting the blog it was my goal to try to make updates to the blog daily, and I really loved it! But as the blog expanded, I realised more and more that maintaining this wasn't ideal, and doing so would most likely come at the cost of the quality of the blog. Since I personally have grown quite attached to it I'd hate to see its quality drop solely due to time being in the way. What this means is that, yes the Yuiblog will live on (Yui is forever, after all), but updates will become more sporadic. Unfortunately, as I accustom myself, this will probably be most noticeable in the immediate near future. However, it is my wish to then find a stable rhythm where I can make updates at least semi-regularly. So for those of you who have been following closely, thank you for sticking around for so long, and I hope you will keep an eye out for future releases of the Yuiblog, still!
Regardless of the state of the blog, I hope each and all of you remember the most important message I've been trying to convey all this time:
Yui is love!

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