Pal's great pawn sacrifice


The Benko Gambit, invented by the great Pal Benko, is one of the more respected gambits in chess.  Rather than go for a quick Kingside attack, like in the King's Gambit or the Danish Gambit, it exchanges a pawn for long-lasting pressure on the Queenside, with 2 open files.  White is usually best advised to give the Pawn back, as even the best anti-Benko systems give Black a lot of counterplay and a harmonious setup even if White manages to exchange a few pieces.  Here is the Benko Gambit, followed by a picture of the ideal Benko setup.

Here is an example of a Benko Gambit.  This is a game I played at the club.  My opponent played an unusual system against it.  Hope you enjoy, and any pointers will be appreciated.
The Benko is an extremely interesting gambit.  I hope you enjoyed this.  Good luck with your chess