Southern Fred

May 29, 2012, 5:33 PM |

Hi y'all!  Ol' Southern Fred here.  Now ya see, unlike some of y'all I ain't no grand-expert master-nerd.  I'm just a simple country man, here to play some chess.  I don't play chess all the time - ya gotta work to keep up the farm and keep the family fed and happy.  But when there's time, I like to play.  Now, Southern Fred's chess ain't your grandpa's chess.  Y'all be ready for this - it's real funny, but it gets as vicious.  Vicious like those tornadas we got down in the south.

Southern Fred's all about starting up the creek, and then comin' back with big hands and pistols a-blazin' and a firin'.  Y'all don't be careful, and ya end up up the creek without a paddle - and ya got very tiny hands. 

I like to use open files - I got open f, g, and h files before move 10.  I could even throw my pawn in there one of them ol' tumbleweeds on e5 and I got 4 open files.  Who cares about a built-up wall o' pawns?  Southern Fred likes the open country, where you can see a hundred miles.  

Well, just introducin' y'all to my opening today.  Maybe I'll make a series.  Hope y'all enjoyed learnin' about me. 

Cold hotdog, warm beer, Southern Fred.  WOOOOOO-HOOOO!!!!

-Southern Fred

I'd like to give credit to my friend, "Viktor", who thought the entire Southern Fred character up.  If you are reading this, Viktor, thank you.