Do you use the analysis board when playing slow games?

Nov 30, 2013, 11:37 PM |

I've been noticing that I'm using the analysis board as a crutch when playing correspondence chess and struggling with calculation. It's just so damn easy to click that Analyze link while playing to get a little help visualizing and calculating the different variations.

Is this considered kosher? I mean, the link is right there, begging to be clicked. It feels like cheating, though. Cheating myself most of all; cheating me out of lots of great calculation practice in low stake games online.

I guess it's just too easy to prioritize winning over practice. I hate making those blunders I should have seen in my calculation that end up costing me the game.

I wish there were a setting to disable the analysis board on the Online Chess Settings page to deliver me from temptation. For now, this is a note to self: don't use the analysis board while playing. I'm only fooling myself.