Training update

Jun 25, 2014, 3:05 PM |

So, this blog didn't turn out to be as active as I'd hoped. Life kind of got in the way, and I haven't focused as much on chess as I wanted to. I've kept chugging along with tactics puzzles, though, and since last time my ChessTempo blitz rating has climbed to ~1500 (currently 1502, peak 1529) after 4908 puzzles solved.

As you can see the rating varies quite a bit, especially when I come back after periods of inactivity. In any case the overall trend is positive.

In addition to the blitz set I occationally use the standard set to train concentration and visualization ability (current rating 1581), as well as a custom set of puzzles rated 900-1250 that I aim to solve with high accuracy within 15 seconds (currently 14s average, 98.32% accuracy over 119 puzzles).

As my tactical abilities are improving slowly but surely, I've also bought Silman's Complete Endgame Course: From Beginner To Master to get a better grip on the endgame. I'll be using ChessTempo's wonderful custom set feature to continuously update my endgame training set with new endgame types as I'm introduced to them. I have a feeling I'll enjoy endgame training; much like tactics training it seems very bite-sized and concrete, and playing simple endgames is something I want to be able to do pretty much instinctively.