2015 Monroeville Summer Sizzler

NM blitzcopter
Aug 1, 2015, 8:01 PM |

G/30 is ... interesting. However, although under such a fast (yet still "regular") time control the games will inevitably be of lower quality (more mistakes), to some extent it helps to test intuition, time management, and playing under pressure (which I've improved a lot lately). It's also somewhat of a warmup for the Cleveland Open next week.

Like most Monroeville tournaments, today's clumped a bunch of people of varying skill levels in one section, but the faster time control allowed for 5 rounds, so there was good competition among the Class A quad at the top. By some miracle, I swept 5-0 and broke expert for the first time. Seems like no one is comfortable with the G/30 time control!

Here are my last three games.