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2016 Monroeville April Showers

Apr 16, 2016, 5:14 PM 2

Unfortunately none of the experts (including one of the parents rated 2176) showed up. Going out to Monroeville every time is too much dedication. I also didn't get a lot of sleep, so my play was not the cleanest. Also, Tom Magar wasn't there to remind all the kids to slow down and it showed (these were all G/45).

In the first round against a 500, I played the Danish Gambit to save time with a quick win. This almost backfired as Black just castled, 2 pawns up, right before blundering his knight in the middle of the board. I guess that's what happens if you're 500.

I then played Timothy, a mere shadow of the 1700 player that beat me last November. It would have benefited him to be more optimistic and patient and to not have played bullet with me before the round.

The "best" game was against the second seed, Marco. Since I wasn't alert enough and didn't have the Meran Slav knowledge to compensate, I got into a little trouble in the opening before a simpler two bishops ending.

My last opponent opened with 1. f3 (???) and got his kingside wrecked quickly. Unfortunately despite the wide-open position it was still "patient" winning and I didn't know if I was just being inefficient.

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