2016 US Amateur Team East

NM blitzcopter
Feb 21, 2016, 6:15 PM |

The first three games are from playing Board 1, before we got switched into place. Note that I already did most of the high-level complaining/commentary in the last post.

Round 1: We lost 1-3 to Cornell, with draws on Boards 3 and 4 where we were slightly less outrated. Unfortunately, everything in my game fell apart after move 15.

Round 2: We outrated the other team on every board, but I lost my game (probably by move 5), while our Board 4 got swindled by a time scramble with a 1250 in a complicated but winning position. This kind of killed our competition for the rest of the tournament.

Round 3: We played 3 lower-rated kids (one forfeit), but they all seemed really underrated. In fact, our Board 3 messed up and almost lost. We won 4-0 but it was a lot tougher than expected.

Round 4: See previous post. Real-life chess.com conduct at move 38. Our Board 4 got upset again, so we only won 3-1.

Round 5: Probably my only clean game of the tournament. I was concerned that the Caro-Kann variation we went into was too drawish, but managed a successful and effective minority attack. We beat Princeton C, 3.5-0.5.

Round 6: Not going to comment this one because it was too depressing to play. :P We lost to a high-rated team 3.5-0.5, although our Board 1 was really close to drawing IM Alex Ostrovskiy.