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2017 US Amateur Team East Preview

Feb 10, 2017, 10:33 PM 0

USATE hype with a week to go! Getting out to Parsippany for a few days is always a big committment but this is always a big and fun event (those two don't always go together...) and my exams are all before or weeks after, so I am very fortunate to be going for the 3rd time.

CMU is sending two teams this year, one of which is rated 2150+ (both are firsts in a while, if not all time) and includes me. We don't quite have the giants to match some of the high-profile teams, but we're all psyched and I think we have a big chance to do very well if our lower boards (both 2000s) clean up and Grant and I rise to the occasion.

As I wrote on Chess^Summit, this year's USATE also has a lot of personal significance for me, since I'm finally in the position of trying to break 2200 (I'm 2180 now). It's also the only event between now and September that I have a >30% chance of playing, so there's some pressure to land some critical wins now. Hopefully it swings the team and me in the right direction.

Last but not least, CMU2 sports a more top-heavy lineup (2000, 2000, 1750, 1400). They're a little underrated in my opinion, so hopefully they'll do well too.

Also looking to meet up with some friends (from chess and otherwise) and Chess^Summit colleagues (apparently for some overdue pictures). Feel free to ping me if you're reading this and also going!

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