Pressing Against Hanging Nimzo Pawns

NM blitzcopter
Mar 18, 2018, 8:14 PM |

After playing some rather disastrous fast (G/60) chess against some Boston-area kids (went 3/4 against 1700-1900s despite being significantly worse in 3 games), I retreated to Pittsburgh where we stew peacefully in our 5-hour games.

I tend not to understand hanging pawn/isolated queen pawn positions very well from the attacker's perspective. My "dynamic" intuition is still pretty bad, so I usually just pay attention to the structure - a good recipe for getting unexpectedly crushed if I'm not alert enough.

My overeager trading may have cost me some chances to press on the Black side of a Rubinstein Nimzo-Indian. White got a little more activity than I had hoped for, so I ended up defending for the rest of the game, which wasn't too interesting. Sometimes it's good to just make sure you can avoid blundering for a few hours (difference between past and present me?) so I was reasonably satisfied.