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Stuff I Plan to Work On

Jul 28, 2016, 8:25 PM 0

I've long prided myself on avoiding reliance on fancy preparation and just playing chess, but there is no rational reason to being ignorant in any field of study, so clearly chess shouldn't be any different.

Anyway, Tuesday's shocking loss will prove to be the catalyst to finally starting opening preparation. Here is a summary of the important stuff into which I plan to look in the near future:

  • Nimzo-Indian: Mostly Classical, and so I don't have to pretend to know this anymore. Please don't play d4 against me for a few weeks, will you?
  • Classical Caro-Kann g4 pushes: in deference to my recent defeat, I will be improving my understanding of how to sense danger in various kingside pawn storms in those opposite-side Classical Caro-Kanns.
  • Tarrasch French: Since I don't want to play the KIA anymore. Mostly for next week's opponent, because his anti-KIA response was very annoying. Hopefully he doesn't read this.
I could add more, but it's going to get unrealistic fast and then I'll accomplish nothing as has happened in the past. However, if I could add one more pressing topic, it's the 6. Be3 Short Variation of the Caro-Kann.

And yes, all this may be related to next week's chess^summit post.

Suggestions welcome!

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