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World Open G/10 Highlights

Jul 4, 2016, 1:22 PM 0

The World Open itself was too long and expensive for me this year, but I visited yesterday to see a few people and play in side events. I figured playing some quick chess under less pressure was a decent reward for rushing up the 2100s last week. Also, I was pretty close to making the top 100 U21 USCF Blitz/Quick lists so having the chance to make progress on that was a nice bonus.

Sunday 2 pm Blitz (4-round double Swiss, not the same as the World Open Blitz Championship) was pretty meh. I scored 0.5/2 in my second match against an 1807 (in the first game I flagged him with no material left; in the second I declined a perpetual and blundered in time pressure). Fortunately this "Swiss gambit" allowed me to sweep the remaining four games against a "2010" and "1948" who I later learned were both around 1700 blitz (higher of blitz/regular ratings were used to pair everyone), to my disappointment. Of my 6 wins, 4 were not remotely clean. One of them started with (me as Black) 1. e4 c6 2. Nc3 d5 3. Nf3 Bg4 4. Be2 d4? 5. Nxd4I ended up winning U2100 clear for $60 which was a ridiculous prize considering my quality of play (and covered entry for both side events), but my blitz rating dropped from 2053 to 2041. No-delay blitz is rooouuuughh.

World Open G/10;d2 Championship (5-round normal Swiss) was really fun though! I was happy once I realized we got delay. I won with White against 2305, 2273, 2170 players (2235, 2107, 2093 quick respectively) but lost to IM Yaacov Norowitz and a 2310 master. Only got $40 for my 3/5 (split with others for U2100) but gained a bunch of quick rating points and have a good chance at entering the top 100 U21 Quick next month.

Some Highlights

  • G/10, Round 1:I sacrificed a pawn in a Closed Sicilian for a strong attack but later had to give up my trapped queen for a bunch of pieces. Later on, my opponent blundered in a winning ending and I escaped in time pressure with:
    Apparently GM Dlugy thought the game was exciting (though he left before the above position and was surprised to find out I won). Score!
  • G/10 Round 3: My opponent answered 1. e4 with 1...a6 followed by Sicilian-ish moves, which completely threw me off. I ended up losing a pawn due to my really loose position (courtesy of pawns on d4/e4/f4). Then I threatened a skewer to win an Exchange; he obviously saw it but forgot a few moves later and took with the wrong piece. Don't have any good diagrams for this, but it was good to have two comeback wins against strong masters, in quick games no less. My chess has definitely improved mentally.
  • IM Yaacov Norowitz: Had the honor of playing him in Round 4 and making him take a whole 90 seconds to beat me. It was a Bogo where I let him get too much pressure on the queenside and blundered a piece in an already dire position. We did talk over some of the opening stuff which was nice.
  • Chess^Summit: Met up with Alice Dong (first time) and Isaac Steincamp (as always), so now I've finally met all the other Chess^Summit authors.
    (I was informed that it took more than 20 of these to find one of reasonable quality (mostly because 1-2 of us didn't understand when pictures were being taken), which I guess is a little embarassing.
  • Another picture of me. Taken during G/10 Round 5 when the TDs weren't looking.
  • Oh no, my first Chess^Summit post is due tomorrow! Catch it here tomorrow at 9 am!

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