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Analysing My Own Games: Bayonted in the King's Indian

Analysing My Own Games: Bayonted in the King's Indian

Sep 13, 2015, 6:21 AM 0

Unfortunately I came up short in the final round of the Circular Quay Chess Club Online tournament, losing on the Black side of a King's Indian Bayonet attack.


Congratulations to Tom who played very well in both our games.


This is another game after which analysing (withouth computer) I can't find where I went wrong. I was half a move short in my Kingside attack. The balance between slowing White down on the Queenside versus the speed of attack on the Kingside is something I didn't get right in this game.


Following this loss, I'm seriously questioning whether playing the Black side of the King's Indian is best for me. I'd prefer to avoid sharp theoretical opening duels, which I why I converted from the Sicilian Dragon to the Caro Kann. I'll explore the Nimzo Inidan.


Training Questions: White to Move 

I missed this move for White, as I only considered 31. Qb2 Bg7 after which Qh6 is strong for Black.

Game Annotations and Analysis

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