Analysing My Own Games: Lesser of Evils

Analysing My Own Games: Lesser of Evils

Nov 22, 2015, 5:24 AM |

The games that puzzle me the most are draws where I don't feel either side could create much. Was this predestined? Is the line I chose stale and void of imbalances.


Such was my game on the White side of an Alekhine's. There was critical moment where I know believe i had a chance to make an imbalance through the pawn structure I chose.


What type of pawn structure?

As White I faced a critical decision. Do I

A) Play cd to create a passed isolated Queen pawn

B) Play Nxd5 and seek to use a Queenside pawn majority.

I'm still undecided which was the best course of action.

Safer is 19. Nxd5 which I chose, but this has disadvantages in that it allows Black to exhange minor pieces and alleviate his cramped position.

I feared with 19. cd that the d-pawn is blockade at d6. Yet there are already logical follow ups with Nb5. This would keep Black in a relatively cramped state.


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