Blitz Review 2016-11-21

Blitz Review 2016-11-21

Nov 20, 2016, 10:10 PM |

In my 3 Blitz games for the 21st Nov 2016 I had 2 wins and a loss, where I was outplayed in the loss.

Game 1: Black to Move

In a tactically charged position, I played 30. ... Rxd7 which both players missed 31. Qb2 seemingly placing the Queen in a discovered attack, but actually pins the attacked Bishop

Game 2: Black to Move
My opponent surprised me with 26. Rc5 after which I thought his plan was b4. Hence I played a5 but effectively lossed after Nc6
Earlier, it was important to prevent this counterplay with Nc4. I should stop this prejudice of exchanges, and need to place emphasis on playing such quiet positions

Game 3: Black to Move
In a tense opening position, Black has won the opening battle but plays Bxd5 eventually allowing a pin on his King. 
Instead, Nxd5 keeps things right (h7 very strongly guarded)

Game 3: White to Move
I calmly played Ra3 pinning the Knight