Blitz Tactics 2016-11-13

Blitz Tactics 2016-11-13

Nov 14, 2016, 12:30 AM |

I've tried to incorporate up to 3 (max) Blitz games per day to keep fresh. Reviewing them for tactical mistakes I think would be instructive.


Taken from the 13th Nov 2016 are my offerings

Game 1: White to Move (and Blunder)

Black has just played Qf6. I had failed to see the threat of Nxg3, and thus played Qe2 walking into a Royal fork with ... Nxg3+

Game 2: White to Move
In an extremely winning position as White, I failed to see the possibility of a Queen sacrifice with Qxf5 followed by an eventual Nxc7+ with Royal fork

Game 3: Black to Move (and Blunder)
As Black in a KID Saemisch, I panicked in being unable to come up with a game. This is a position I should do an opening analysis of, as I was clueless as to a plan.
I played Qc7 which immediately loses due to a pin with Ncxb5

Game 4: Black to Move
I had reached a nice Caro Kann position as Black where my opponent has just played g6. I failed to consider that ... Nxh5 is possible due to a back rank mate
Later in the game, in an instructive Rook ending, I broke the principle that pieces move faster than pawns (and Kings). I played Kg3 which is too slow. Instead I had to either push the e-pawn (passed pawns need to be pushed) or Ra8

Game 5: Black to Move
Being up a piece and with Queens mutually attacked, I did not seek more. Instead I traded Queens with Rxc7 instead of searching for more. Black's Qa3 or Qa4 simply retains the Black Queen.
Later in the game I panicked after an unexpected Re3 from White. But I had failed to see the possibility of a Knight fork at e2 after Nf4. Another case of not searching for more.