Blitz Tactics 2016-11-14

Blitz Tactics 2016-11-14

Nov 14, 2016, 12:42 AM |

Blitz games from 14th November 2016 saw 3 games with instructive chances I missed. Although it is Blitz, I get tunnelled vision on a theme and can't let it go.

Game 1: White to Move

Black has just played Na5 and I am immediately transfixed on the fork at b4. Hence I played Ba2 threatening b4 (which he consequently missed). However, I failed to see the immediate Bg5 which wins e7 due to the Knight at c6 having moved.

Game 2: White to Move
I missed the chance to seize big positional advantage, instead being attracted in liquidating the position to exchange my d6 Knight which I felt was poorly protected.
Instead 1. f4 followed by e5 and White's Knight at d6 is monstrous.
Later in the game, Black has just played Rg5 and I am aware of the threat of Nf3+ due to the pin. I had looked at f4 but stopped after Nf3+. 
Instead, I fail to look further after 1. f4 Nf3+ 2. Kf2 which attacks two pieces and wins.
Another example of stopping half a move short.