Blitz Tactics 2016-11-18

Blitz Tactics 2016-11-18

Nov 18, 2016, 5:35 PM |

A very mixed bag over the 18th and 19th November, with a Win, Two losses and a draw. The losses were largely opening related.

Game 1: White to Move

I had played 30. ... Rb7 and my opponent missed Qxd5 with back rank mate threats

Game 2: Black to Move
With my King under pressure, I played 45. ... Rxf6 but this allows White to attack.
Instead the calm 45. ... Rg8 keeps things balanced

Game 3: White to Move (and Blunder)
Seeing the Black Knight pinned, I hastily played Ne5 expecting Rc8 but instead missed Black's 0-0-0 after which White is lost

Game 4: Black to Move (and Blunder)
Another opening tactical blunder, where I play 6. ... Nf6 falling into the thematic 7. Bxf7+

Game 4: Black to Move and Blunder
I wanted to avoid Nd5 due to Rd1 and c4 trading Rooks.
Without calculating I moved Ne8 and lost badly after failing to see the strength of Ng5

Game 5: Black to Move
My opponent missed 54. ... e4+ winning big with connected passed pawns. Instead he played Kxf5 allowing a blockade