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Blitz Tactics 2016-11-19

Blitz Tactics 2016-11-19

Nov 20, 2016, 9:13 PM 0

In a review of my 3 daily blitz games for the 19th Nov 2016

Game 1: White to Move

I played c4 with a view to open the game, though b5 would compromise Black more, with control of c6 (difficulties for Knight)

Game 2: Black to Move
I was very happy at this moment to play c5 thematically, with every piece in place

Game 2: Black to Move
White has made a speculative Rook sacrifice. I should have calmly played ... c4, instead I strived for Nf6 leading to complications

Game 3: White to Move
I wanted to play b3, but feared Nb4 threatening both c2 and Qd4 forking. I missed that I had Rf2 in response

Game 4: White to Move
I have just sacrificed a pawn and was eager to retrieve material with Bxh8. However, the in between Be5 would have distrupted Black's coordination

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