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Botvinnik deceives Petrosian

Botvinnik deceives Petrosian

Sep 28, 2015, 4:02 AM 0

I was very impressed by Botvinniks' annotations to the 11th Game of his World Championship Match against Petrosian in 1963.


To me, this is a very deep and high level of chess. Had I not seen this commentary I would not have understood his intentions of 24. ... Qe8 (neither did Petrosian apparently).

Black to Play: 


"Petrosian displays cold-bloodednessess"
Equally impressive for me is Petrosian's "calmness" with 28. Nd4. I could have seen myself crumble under such pressure.
This type of cut and thrust chess has shown me so much as I work through the book on the match. I can appreciate at this highest level they give nothing away.
One side's plans is met with ultra tough defence.

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