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Daily Blitz Review 2016-11-22

Daily Blitz Review 2016-11-22

Nov 21, 2016, 7:26 PM 0

In my 3 daily blitz games I had 2 wins and a loss, though not particularly good in standard and I feel I botched a winning position.

Game 1: Black to Move

Having experimented with the English for Black, I panicked here and played 7. ... Be7 to castle, believing I could gambit the pawn and quickly use a lead in development. I saw Nf4 coming, but rather the calm and natural Nc6 and Bb4 holds

Game 3: Black to Move
Thinking I had the Bishop trapped with 23. ... f6, both players missed Bxg6 with Rf3 to follow

Game 3: Black to Move
In having to defend, I chose the passive Bf8 whereas Bg5 does the job more aggressively

Game 3: Black to Move
This was a bad one, having already been in a defensive mind set, I wanted to shore up my King's defence with Bg7 but missed the one move win with Bc5 pinning the Queen.
Need to improve defensive resources.

Game 3: Black to Move
I miss the fork on my Knight at a3, but yet Nc5 wards off White after which Bxe5 can be played. Hasty

Game 3: Black to Move
I got far too greedy here with Bxe5 believing I had b8 covered. The simple Rc8 is more effective. Simply lazy in defence (and missing the pawn fork)

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