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Daily Review 2016-11-30

Daily Review 2016-11-30

Nov 29, 2016, 10:00 PM 0

For my 30/11/2016 Blitz games I thought I was playing quite well for a win and two losses. Bad oversights in calculation after good opening positions.

Game 1: White to Move

Here I missed the very nice 19. Ned6 where I can recover the piece due to Qxe6+

Game 1: White to Move
I found removing the guard with 35. h4 which eventually led to a win

Game 2: White to Move
I blundered here with 21. Qd3 thinking I had an in between move before capturing on e6, failing to see that Black is attacking my Bishop twice. Instant resign

Game 3: Black to Move
In attempting to wriggle out of the pin, I blundered with 13. ... Rc8 instantly seeing the Knight was pinned and not defending a7

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