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Intersecting Lines

Intersecting Lines

Sep 4, 2015, 6:04 AM 0

I flagged this position in my tactical training as I still have trouble getting to the most important features of this position.


See if you can solve the following:


Blokh's Combinational Motives: Diagram 779, Difficulty 4 



What is the most important feature of the position?
I was distracted by the potential Knight fork at e4 between the Queen at g3 and a piece at d2. I tried to make ... Rxd2 work but couldn't get there.
I failed to see that the most important feature of the position was Black's pressure at g2, and that the Queen and King are aligned on the g-file. 
I didn't spot the horizontal movement of the d6 Rook to come to g6, and this is a bias in my game of how I could use Rooks better.

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