Jim Morrison made me play 18. b3

Jim Morrison made me play 18. b3

Oct 4, 2016, 8:25 PM |

Lurking in my subconscious was The Doors hit song "Break on Through (To the Otherside) as I was faced with Black's amassing Queenside pawn majority. 


Break on Through


Here I played 18. b3! which breaks down the Black Queenside pawn chain and ultimately awakens my light squared Bishop. This idea is used in Queen's Gambit pawn structures where Black captures on c4 and attempts to hold the pawn. The above position came from Sicilian Rossolimo Bb5 which I've started bringing into my opening repertoire as an alternative to the Grand Prix attack which is my mainstay.

To the Otherside
Black has just played 20. ... Nb6 and alarm bells are going off for me. The looseness of the undefended Black Rook at e4 coupled with the geometry at g5 between e4 and f7 make the simply shot 21. Bxf7+ work.

This is the End
In borrowing from another Door's classic, Black has just played 28. ... Rd8 harassing the White Queen. I noticed more geometry between e6 and g7/d8 which allowed the simplification into a winning endgame with 29. Qxg7+

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