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Katy Perry Chess

Katy Perry Chess

Nov 15, 2016, 4:28 PM 0
Hot when you're cold ... for me in Chess, this is being inconsistent with the thread of the game. The moments where you should be attacking you're defending, and when you should be clamping down you are attacking. This seems a high priority with a flaw in my thinking ... failing to see the thread of the game.

Black to Move
I had been under positional pressure throughout this game, and believed it was critical to prevent invasion at b5. 
I played 35. ... Qd7 in a passive way, failing to see any good in my position. Simply, not looking further enough.
There was the idea of 35. ... Nd7 threatening e5 which is critical to support White's Knight.
But after 35. ... Nd7 36. Qe4 everything appears solid?
Black has to look further with 36. ... Nxe5 37. Qxe5 f6 and the Knight is regained.
Never sell out on your ideas too soon. Keep looking further.

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