King's Indian Trapped Queen

King's Indian Trapped Queen

Sep 5, 2016, 5:46 AM |

On the Black side of a King's Indian, I recalled a tactically pattern from "Mastering the King's Indian" by Robert Bellin. The idea involves sacrificing a Black Knight on e4, followed up with Bf5 and then e4 which uncovers the long King's Indian diagonal hitting the Rook on a1, whilst a double attack on a Knight at f3.


This game made me deeply consider weighing up Black's Kingside race versus White's Queenside race, as well as explore if White actually had to accept the Knight sacrifice at all. I'm finding I prefer such analysis to actually playing the game. 

Trapped Queen

I was able to carry out this tactical idea based on the trapped Queen. After 21. ... Nxe4 White can't play 22. Qxe4 due to 22. ... Bf5

Queenside vs Kingside Play

I played here 14. ... f4, but in hindsight I think it's more important to slow down White's Queenside play with 14. ... a4


Exchange Sacrifice

In the analysis to 21. Qb1, I found a decisive line with an eventual ... Rxf3 which I think is crushing for Black. Analysis within game annotations.

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