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Knight Endgames are Pawn Endgames

Knight Endgames are Pawn Endgames

Sep 11, 2016, 12:45 AM 0
On the Black side of a Panov Botvinnik Caro Kann, I can't really find much in post mortem that allows Black to achieve more than a draw.
My opponent did play well to entrench a Knight on c5, somewhat forcing me to concede a protected passed pawn. 
I believe I played the strategically correct 27. ... Nc6 retaining the Knight for blockading purposes (far more important than creating doubled pawns which can never be exploited). Had I played 27. ... Nxf3+, I believe this is far worse for Black given White's strong passed pawn supported with active Rooks. My best practical chance was trading off Rooks and keeping Knights on the board.
If I did have one moment to speculate for the advantage, it was 39. ... h5 which would have fixed the h-pawn as a target for the Black Knight.

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