Lessons from Gasimov-Havelka, Porec 2015

Lessons from Gasimov-Havelka, Porec 2015

Dec 3, 2015, 5:31 AM |

Working through the Chessbase Magazine 169 Tactical training section, I came across this excellent game taken from the European U16 Championship.


See if you can solve the following positions, followed by the actual game which is model game in the c3 style Sicilians for White.


Training Exercise 1: White to Move

I thought this sequence was very instructive, highlighting the importance of King safety and the use of a double attack.

Training Position 2: White to Move
Taken from a analysis position if Black had played 19. ... Bc4

Training Position 3: Black to Move, how would he have defended?
Observe how the Queen centralises and controls h6, attacks d5. Very multipurpose.

Training Position 4: White to Move

Gasimov-Havelka, Porec 2015