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Lightening Crashes ... I love Bishop x h3

Lightening Crashes ... I love Bishop x h3

Oct 1, 2016, 7:52 PM 0

This is the dream position for any King's Indian Black player. The Rook is loaded and ready on the g-file, the Knight eyes the g3 square, the Queen floating near the White King and the crowning move to open the oyster is the thematic ... Bxh3


The Bishop x h3 Idea
Such is the importance of ... Bxh3 that I recall a Kasparov analysis where he instantly looked at a position and dismissed it as hopeless for Black for he had no light squared Bishop to execute on h3.
In the diagrammed position I was very tempted to play the straight forward 24. ... Qh4 but spotted that White could play 25. Qxc8+ and without this light squared Bishop, Black can't break through.

My Game Annotations and Analysis

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