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Notebook of My Mistakes

Notebook of My Mistakes

May 21, 2016, 5:02 PM 0

Extract from "Trainer's Common Mistakes" by Adrian Mikhalchishin

"Thus when a pupil analyzes his own games, he not only tries to understand the position properly, he tries to see new possibilities which he did not consider during the game and eradicates typical mistakes.

In order to keep a registry of mistakes a pupil should use diagrams. These diagrams of mistakes should be put down in a notebook or recorded on the computer, where the type of mistake and the right solution are included.

After some 50-60 diagrams are gathered in the notebook, this system begins to pay dividends as the pupil see his mistakes and is able to correct them, which of course leads to much better results in the tournaments.

The pupil can 'vaccinate' himslef from mistakes before the tournament by a single look at some 2-3 diagrams"


Below is an attempt to log my mistakes, catergorise them and document why they occured.

I will continue to add to this diagram list.

Position 001: blohmoremoney 2226 - VKPAL_64 2045, 31st Chess.com Thematic Ruy Lopez 01/05/2016

Mistake: 18. Nh4 after which Black could play 18. ... Nxd5 exploiting the undefended Bg5 whilst simultaneously defending Be7.

Type of Mistake: Tactical, missing a Discovered Attack.

Cause: Thinking too strategically (intending Nf5) and not checking tactically.

Suggested Improvement: 18. Qe2 defending the e-pawn.


Position 002: nh6262 1928 - blohmoremoney 2197, 1800+ Sicilian Defence Richter Rauzer Thematic 04/02/2016

Mistake: 9. ... Be7 failing to see 10. e5 with a triple attack on c6.

Type of Mistake: Tactical, missing a Discovered Attack.

Cause: Thinking too mechanically with intention of castling, not paying attention to opponent's threats.

Suggested Improvement: 9. ... Bd7


Position 003: blohmoremoney 2215 - mrtrxgeo 1913, Indian Game London System Thematic 05/02/2016

Mistake: 50. Qd8+ Kh7 51. Qh4+ claiming perpetual check, not seeing 51. Nf3 intending Ng5

Type of Mistake: Tactical, failing to see Mating Net

Cause: Psychological, underestimating one's position after being worse the entire game

Suggested Improvement: 51. Nf3



Position 004: asahmd 2108 - blohmoremoney 2213, Very High Rated Tournament IV 08/01/2016

Mistake: 15. ... Qb4

Type of Mistake: Tactical, failing to see Bishop fork between b4 and f8.

Cause: Pscyhologically wanting to exchange Queens for strategical purposes, but not checking tactically.

Suggested Improvement: 15. ... f5



Position 005: blohmoremoney 2225 - asahmd 2118, Very High Rated Tournament IV 08/01/2016

Mistake: 12. c5

Type of Mistake: Strategical, allowing Black to counter in centre with 12. ... e5 liberating his light squared Bishop.

Cause: Not thinking prophlactically about opponent's development and counterplay

Suggested Improvement: 12. cxd5 cxd5 13. Ne5 blockading e5



Position 006: blohmoremoney 2219 - ala_ 2082, Ultimate experts competition, 26/01/2016

Mistake: 23. a4

Type of Mistake: Strategical, playing on wrong side of board, weakening b3.

Cause: Not understanding where advantage lies (attack on g5). Superficial thinking that passed pawns must be pushed.

Suggested Improvement: 23. h4! g4 24. h5 followed by Nh4 activating Knight.



Position 007: blohmoremoney 2219 - ala_ 2082, Ultimate experts competition, 26/01/2016

Mistake: 27. Qc3

Type of Mistake: Bad exchange. Strategically Black has better endgame, White needs to attack Kingside. Tactically failing to see Black's c-pawn is overworked. Thinking too strategically.

Cause: Pscyhologically wanting to ease pressure by exchange of Queens.

Suggested Improvement: 27. Nfd4! intending Nc6



Position 008: MichalB52 2343 - blohmoremoney 2225, Ultimate experts competition, 18/02/2016

Mistake: 26. ... Bb7

Type of Mistake: Calculation, not considering all candidate moves. Inflexible. Failure to see opponent's threat of Qg5 with pinned g-pawn

Cause: Not remaining calm under attack. Defending based on "general principles". Not resourceful enough.

Suggested Improvement: 26. ... Ra6 with development along 6th rank.



Position 009: blohmoremoney 2219 - Niramit 2023, Indian Game London System 05/02/2016

Mistake: 24. Qc2

Type of Mistake: Calculation, stopping half a move short in calculation.

Cause: Afraid of Ghosts. Underestimating strength of position. Too materialistic to save Bishop

Suggested Improvement: 24. Qh8+ Ke7 25. Qxg7 striking first



Position 010: petejow 2068 - blohmoremoney 2210, Ultimate experts competition 09/12/2015

Mistake: 18. ... a6

Type of Mistake: Playing without a concrete plan.

Cause: Failing to see opponent's potential counterplay.

Suggested Improvement: 18. ... f5 or ... b5 stopping the f-pawn advance.



Position 011: petejow 2068 - blohmoremoney 2210, Ultimate experts competition 09/12/2015

Mistake: 26. ... dxc4

Type of Mistake: Missing counterplay with invasion at f3.

Cause: Underestimating resources when being attacked. Thinking too materialisticallyUnable to handle central tension.

Suggested Improvement: 26. ... Be4 threatening ... Rf3



Position 012: petejow 2068 - blohmoremoney 2210, Ultimate experts competition 09/12/2015

Mistake: 33. ... Kh7

Type of Mistake: Discovered Attack

Cause: Strategical thinking when under attack, instead of concrete calculation.

Suggested Improvement: 33. ... Rf8



Position 013: Killaganthu 1971 - blohmoremoney 2225, Sicilian Defence Richter Rauzer 04/02/2016

Mistake: 13. ... e5

Type of Mistake: Strategic mishandling of centre.

Cause: Not understanding that this should only be played if ... d5 can be followed up immediately.

Suggested Improvement: 13. ... c5




Position 014: blohmoremoney 2225 - latke75 1847, Indian Game London System 05/02/2016

Mistake: 25. Qg4

Type of Mistake: Piece Coordination.

Cause: Rush to attack, leading with Queen.

Suggested Improvement: 25. Rg5 intending Qg4 with Rook to penetrate.



Position 015: blohmoremoney 2223 - Slava 1865, Sicilian Defence Richter Rauzer 04/02/2016

Mistake: 20. ... Bc6

Type of Mistake: Discovered Attack, Removing supporting piece.

Cause: Missed candidate move, assumed discovered attack used to attack Queen only.

Suggested Improvement: 20. ... Bb5



Position 016: blohmoremoney 2234 - ChabotJF 2306 22/03/2016

Mistake 21. Nd6+

Type of Mistake: Positional, Freeing opponent's pieces.

Cause: Considering only one's own "activity" rather than the activity/harmony of opponent's pieces

Suggested Improvement: 21. Na3 c3 22. bc Qb3 23. Nb1 Qxa4 24. Nd2 Qc2 25. Ne4



Position 017: blohmoremoney 2234 - ChabotJF 2306 22/03/2016

Mistake: 25. R1d2

Type of Mistake: Weakening, Lack of planing roles of pieces

Cause: Overestimating the Rook at d6, underestimating weakness of back rank

Suggested Improvement: 25. R6d2 and both Rooks and switch to the c-file in unison



Position 018: blohmoremoney 2234 - ChabotJF 2306 22/03/2016

Mistake: 26: f4

Type of Mistake: Weakening King protection along 2nd rank

Cause: Optimism, not taking into attack King safety

Suggested Improvement: 26. h4



Position 019: ChabotJF 2318 - blohmoremoney 2217 22/03/2106

Mistake: 19. ... Rac8

Type of Mistake: Passive play

Cause: Playing on auto pilot. Not seeking initiative

Suggested Improvement 19. ... Rd6 with Kd7 to follow, after ... a5



Position 020: blohmoremoney 2206 - Kynas 2301 08/01/2016

Mistake: 17. a4

Type of Mistake: Tactical miss of Pin

Cause: Thinking too positionally instead of exploring tactical possibilities

Suggested Improvement 17. Nxe6 fe 18. Nxd5 Nxd5 19. Rxd5 Rxd5 20. Qxd5



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