Patience Young Padawan

Patience Young Padawan

Nov 14, 2016, 6:03 AM |

In working through Smyslov's Endgame Virtuoso, I played a "Guess the Next Move" type game where I wrote down what I thought he would play, and compared it to the game.


As always, it revealed much sublime touch by Smyslov in his delicate care and plans.


Page 64: Neikirch-Smyslov Munich Olympiad 1958 0-1


Ideas and Lessons I took from this game were
  • Noticing the immobility of the White Rook with 27. ... Bd7
  • The prophylactic 39. ... Be8 which doesn't get into a race with Black
  • The multi purpose 43. ... g5 which fixes the weakness and activates Bishop. This is in contrast to my blunder where I thought I had a skewer to liquidate and force an exchange, but failed to see and interposition.
  • The fixing of the h3 pawn via 48. ... h5 and h4
  • The importance of the distant passed pawn in tying up the opponent with 51. ... a4
  • Making the opponent's King worse before initiating exchanges with 54. ... Rb5+
  • Cutting off the enemy King with 57. ... Rd3