Petrosian-Botvinnik, Game 1 World Championship 1963

Petrosian-Botvinnik, Game 1 World Championship 1963

Aug 4, 2015, 7:23 AM |

Whilst visiting London in July 2015, I made my pilgrimage to the fantastic Chess and Bridge shop at Baker Street. I picked up 5 books (which sent me over the luggage limit), one of which was the excellent Botvinnik-Petrosian 1963 World Championship Match pencilled by Botvinnik (published by New in Chess)


I've been drawn to collecting books on matches, and also acquired Botvinnik's matches against Tal (1961) and Bronstein (1951).


Below are some training positions I've created from Game 1


Training Position 1


After White's hypothetical 7. Bh4, how does Black seize the initiative?

Training Position 2
White has just played 10. Ne2. Where does White intend to develop this Knight, and how does Black prevent this?

Training Position 3
What is Black's most energetic continuation to prevent White from completing his development?

Training Position 4
In this hypothetical position after 15. 0-0, how should Black proceed?

Training Position 5
How does Black exploit White's hypothetical 21. Bd3?

Training Position 6
Botvinnik spent a long time looking at 21. ... Ng5 22. Kg1 Bxh3 23. gh Nxh3

Analyse the 3 possible retreats by the White King from this position
How to proceed after 24. Kh2?

How to proceed after 24. Kh1?

How to proceed after 24. Kg2?

How to proceed after the hypothetical 22. Qd1?

Training Position 7
All of Black's forces are in position ... how does Black proceed to demolish the White King's fortress?

Training Position 8
White has just played 31. Nxg3. Find Black's best move

Training Position 9
Had White played 33. dxc5, how would Black proceed?

Training Position 10
How does Black land decisive strike?

The entire game
Reference game for 7. Bh4 c5
Reference game for White's plan with Nf4, Be2, castling Kingside and beginning minority attack