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Queening tactics

Queening tactics

Jul 27, 2015, 4:32 AM 0

In my daily tactical training, I came across this position which I never considered the move


Can you solve the following?


I instead looked at 1. Be4 but could not find a continuation after Rxe4. I desired an interference along the e-file, however I was inflexible to consider Be6 as I thought this wasn't forcing (not with a check)
The idea of a pin along the 6th rank did not occur to me. We often see this theme in pure Rook endings, but in a complicated ending the thought never arose to me
Why does this tactic work?
Queening tactic, particular with a check
Interference along the e-file, coupled with the geometry of the pieces on the 6th rank
Lesson learnt
Be flexible in considering one's candidate moves. Trust your ideas, but look for alternative ways to execute when one way fails

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