Rook Ending Defensive Ideas

Rook Ending Defensive Ideas

Aug 22, 2015, 5:49 PM |

Some Rook Endings are so short but sweet!


I've embarked upon working through Chess Informant's "Encyclopaedia of Chess Endings: Rook Endings" and landed upon the following position 8 with White to Move and draw.


I looked at 

A) 1. Kc1 but after ... e2 the White King must move and ... Kd2 ensures promotion.

B) 1. Rh1 but after ... Ra5 White can't prevent the skewer along the first rank.

C) 1. Re2 but after ... Ra5 White can't prevent the check at a1 and the loss of the Rook.


See if you can solve the below


White to Move and Draw