Rook Endings: Which Piece is doing Which Job

Rook Endings: Which Piece is doing Which Job

Dec 5, 2015, 1:14 AM |

It helps me to understand Rook Endings if I ask myself which piece is doing which job. Who would be better served as a blockader, leaving the other piece or King free to attack. What defensive or attacking arrangement am I going for.


Rook Endings must be hard ... even the top players in the World make mistakes.


Looking at Wei,Yi-Ding,Liren World Cup Baku 2015, GM Mueller created excellent training questions for Chessbase Magazine 169 in the Endgame Section.

Posiiton 1: Black to Play

Which piece should do which job?

An excellent illustration of the best roles for each piece in an endgame. The King blockades, the Rook cuts off the enemy King.

Position 2: White to Play
What is the best way to convert?
Remove Counterplay and put Black in Zugzwang

Position 3: Black to play and draw

In general, try and keep one's King and Rook as close together as possible.

Position 4: White to play and win
An instructive lesson showing that the defensive King and Rook should be kept apart.