Sicilian Sins: Loss of Time

Sicilian Sins: Loss of Time

Apr 16, 2016, 11:24 PM |

"Don't go against the family".

That may be the greatest sin in The Godfather. For White in the Sicilian, the greatest sin it may be losing time in the opening.

Playing on the Black side of a Richter-Rauzer, I've tried to find out where my opponent went wrong. I believe it was loss of time. A crucial one or two moves which suddenly places Black at ease.

Loss of Time

Here my opponent played 9. Be3, moving the same piece twice in the opening.

More logical would be 9. Qd2 with a view to castling long.

This loss of time suddenly relieves Black of the fear of coming under quick attack.

Dream Sicilian Minority Attack Position

This is as close to a dream position on the Black side of a Sicilian. Heavy pieces on the c-file with a lever coming at b4.

Critical Moment

I spent much time thinking how best to proceed here with Black. 

I assessed I had both structural and dynamic advantage with a Bishop pair.

I settled for 24. ... Ba4 with a view of preparing Bxd1 and removing a guard of b2. My opponent didn't find the strongest reply in 25. Ra1 counterattacking my a-pawn.

Post moretom has me exploring 24. ... e5, though I'm still not certain which is better.

Game Annotations and Analysis