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Soul Power Pawns

Soul Power Pawns

Sep 11, 2016, 9:33 PM 0

On the White side of a King's Indian Thematic tournament, my opponent played an early ... cxd4 which typically gives White an easy game. Why? I find generally White dictactes play with greater freedom whilst Black is restricted in coming up with any thematic breaks.


The decisive movement came in playing 21. Ne6 where Black did not find the only move ... Qa5. By capturing the illusion of a deadly Knight, the d7 square was taken away from the Queen as a possible escape (whilst attacking the Black Knight), thus allowing the deadly Bb6 trapping the Queen (requiring the giving up the of the Exchange).


I missed a faster win with a possible 35. Rxd6, but the theme of the rolling pawns eventuated a few moves later.


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