Sveshnikov Endgames for White

Sveshnikov Endgames for White

Jan 23, 2016, 7:48 PM |
Participating in a thematic Sveshnikov Sicilian tournament has enriched my feel for the type of positions White aims for. Namely, slight advantages in the endgame which increase as pieces are exchanged.
My recent game with debbi1 as White was a very hard fight. I learnt much from the type of thinking one should have in endgames (not rushing).

Maintaining Dynamic possibilities
With Black to move, my opponent deviated from the previous seed game by playing 29. ... Qxd6?
Instead, 29. ... Qxe3 30. Kh1 Kg7 would have been very difficult to break due to continual threats of ... f4 and backrank difficulties (limiting White's Rook's involvement).

Endgame Decisions and Consequences
With White to move, I was faced with how best to attack the Black hanging pawns. I chose 31. Rd5, reasoning that should either pawn move, then the other woudl be lost. A better way of thinking was to consider limiting the activity of the Black King, and to that end 31. Rf6 was better, to cut off the monarch.

Do not Rush
An important moment for White illustrates the importance of not rushing. 37. Rxf5 would have been a mistake as 37. ... Rxf5 ef 38. ef Kxf4 39. Kf2 Kf4 achieves a text book draw. Instead, 37. Kf2 improves the King first (the f-pawn is not going anywhere).

My Game Annotations and Analysis