Tactical Mistake Review: Fresh Ideas for me

Tactical Mistake Review: Fresh Ideas for me

Sep 8, 2015, 6:33 AM |

I'm making the effort to record every tactical exercise I miss, trying to assimilate the ideas or understand why I made calculation errors.


See if you can solve the following, taken from Blokh's Combinational Motives.


Diagram 812: Difficulty 10, Black to Move


I had considered candidate moves ... Bxg2+, Qh4, Bxh2. I noted positional features of weakness at g2 and h2.
I had seen 1. ... Qh4 2. Qxe5 but couldn't see the follow up.
I couldn't combing the threats at g2 with back rank mates. Very instructive is the decoy of the White Queen. A worthy position of difficulty 10.

Diagram 810: Difficult 5, Black to Move
To me, this posiiton is far more difficulty than a level 5. I considered candidate moves ... Qxc3, Qxd1, Rxh2+, Bxg2+
I never contemplated the idea of swinging the Rook to f8 with threats at f1. Am still in disbelief about the follows to obtain a draw.