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The Cut Off

The Cut Off

Oct 25, 2016, 1:48 AM 0

How much do we push ourselves in the search for the Chess truth? How easily do you give up on ideas or never search for that extra move. Are you willing to dig and dig?

I had such a moment when analysing my game on the White side of the Slav Defence. I had that feeling there must be something, but wasn't flexible to dig further. Only did post mortem was it clear my goal was to cut off the e7 for the Black King.

Cut Him Off
I played the "safe" 26. Rfc1. Whilst I did say the tempo gaining 26. Rc6, I never appreciated the attacking plan that White could employ. After infiltrating the Queen and Bishop at h7, he will then seek to control (with tempo) the e7 square so that the Black King is cut off from the 7th rank.

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