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The many roles of a Bishop

The many roles of a Bishop

Dec 5, 2015, 1:39 AM 0

 This ending really illustrates the multiple roles a Bishop may have.

He may be needed in defence on one side of the board, to retrain passed pawns as well as used in attack to support his own pawns.

Observe from this game the following:

  • Despite being a pawn up, White is struggling as Black can create a passed Kingside pawn.
  • The role of the Black Bishop on c4 to defend against the a6 advance.
  • The tactical line if White had played 47. a6 Kf4 48. Ba4 as he intends Bd7-c8-b7. The Black Bishop then takes defensive duties by retreating back to a8 and defends g2 through the Bishop.
  • White's attempts to sacrifice the Bishop for the Kingside pawns. Black can sacrifice the h-pawn to allow the g-pawn to advance. With the Black King placed at f2, he can adopt a manoeuvre of the Bishop to f3 so that the g-pawn can advance.


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