You See What you Want to See

You See What you Want to See

Nov 8, 2016, 10:46 PM |

Time and again the biggest lesson I keep learning is problems I have with my perspective. When you want to find something you will look. When you think there is nothing there, then you will not look. But we should always have the urgency to look!


Take this position where i was White below


Black has just played 22. ... Rb8. What did I see? I saw that this Rook is potentially attacking by b2 pawn. I'd like the structure of b3 followed by Nb2-c4 placing pressure on d6 and e5.
What did I not see? I didn't see that I had a "Overworked Piece" tactic in the form of Nxc5 where the d-pawn is overworked.
Why didn't I see this? This is important to me, to find ways to improve my own play.
Ultimately I believe we talk our way into the types of moves we want to find. The thread of this game had been positional for a long time. There was very little tension which lulled me into manoeuvring without observing the concrete details of the position. 
Upon being threatened, I reacted "negatively" because I had continually talked myself into "defending" my position.
We need to catch ourselves from doing this.

Instructive Kingside Attack
Full credit to my opponent who completely surprised me as Black with his move 27. ... h5. 
I had failed to sense any danger to my King, but after he sacrifices his Bishop on g4, both his Rooks coordinate to mate on the g- and h-file.
Lessons I did learn opening wise in these Bb5 Anti-Sicilian lines is to go for a big pawn centre set up with c3-d4 as my Nc3 really was very ineffective.

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